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26 April 2009


Amanda Marcotte

WOW. Congrats!

James Hirschfeld

You know...listening to the stream at New Amsterdam, it's kind of like the first time I've actually heard this music, you know? When I am playing, I am concentrating on playing and the live recordings are great, but you miss a lot. Sounds great if I say so myself!

Kris Tiner

That's fantastic Darcy, congrats! Really looking forward to hearing the record...

ben wolfson

But is this: These are albums, says Judd Greenstein, one of the label's cofounders, specifically produced to sound good on an MP3 player during your commute. really true?


Can't speak for anyone else's record, Ben. In my case, not consciously, beyond wanting the mastering to be reasonably loud without sounding squashed. Obviously, I can't control how anyone listens to the record, so I hope it sounds good under a wide range of listening conditions.


And finally, the conspiracy is exposed. No longer secret, now just Society. So yes, though I regret that I'm no longer quite so alone in my clubby Secret Society addiction, it's cool that this kind of music is getting attention from a national rag like Newsweek.

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