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24 June 2009


Ronan Guilfoyle

Hi Darcy

Great blog - it's a recent discovery for me and I've been very much enjoying catching up and trawling through the archives. Nice too to see you giving credit to the late great Charlie Mariano - I had the pleasure of playing with Charlie many times and it was always more than great to be on the same stage as him. He definitely doesn't get the credit he deserves so it was good to see you write about him.

I'm new to the blogging thing myself, but I started writing one in March - basically because I think I'd always enjoyed reading musicians write about music. I think we hand over the territory far too readily to non-musicians. So this is another reason I've enjoyed your blog, and will try the RSS tip you gave here - thanks for that!

I recently posted a discussion about the problems of incorporating solos into extended form compositions which as someone who works in this fied you might be interested in - just in case you might be, it's at:


Looking forward to reading more, and hearing more



Hi Ronan,

Thanks for the link -- there is some great stuff on your blog! I've added it to my RSS reader.

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Thank you Darcy, I've been looking for a better alternative to Google reader, going to check out that link right now :)

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