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19 June 2009


Vijay Iyer

Damn that pillar! I was there, really...


Sorry, Vijay. Wish I'd gotten there early enough to get a better seat. You sounded great (even from behind the damn'd pillar).

Josh Jackson

Was WNYC there to record this? Those red mic cables look awfully familiar to me. A large diaphragm Neumann on the bass. Two drum overheads. This was definitely documented.


Hi Josh,

Roulette documents everything that happens at their venue. The recordings are always high-quality (I believe those are the house mics.) Though I noticed that didn't stop Matana from making her own backup recording on her Zoom.

Chris Becker

Thank you for writing this up. Matana truly knows how to utilize great improvisers to realize a compositional vision.

Like you, I craned my neck and caught a glimpse of some of Matana's charts for a Coin Coin performance awhile back at Issue Project Room - and they're beautiful to look at! I'm guessing her past fanzine work is another influence on how she presents her music (on paper) to her musicians?

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