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25 June 2009


Matt Rubin

There's an excellent video of Michael laying down the base vocals for "We Are the World" on Youtube. It's an illustrative example of the ass-power you're talking about.


Alex W. Rodriguez

Can't agree with you more! I have a particular soft spot for "Thriller", since my sextet in college turned it into a trombone feature for me -- always our biggest hit at the dorm parties. I am glad that you posted this appreciation, because it reminds us that even the "cats" owe a lot to Jackson's brilliance.

Italian Rocket

Even though he was a little before my time, I thought Michael's music was immense. It's hard to believe he's gone.

Vikram Devasthali

Thanks for hipping me to this recording. What a cool burn! Thank goodness it was recorded in a time before producers had the ability to auto-tune every vocal into oblivion; Michael consistently rests just a little bit on the high end of each pitch, and the performance is all the sweeter for this slight sharpness. I'm gonna go power up my ass.


The thought of anyone applying autotune to MJ's vocal on this track gives me the howling fantods.

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