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24 July 2009


Jason Parker

Amen to funding, no matter the source! I think Ronan has great points about how we tend to get our panties in a wad here in the US.

I was recently awarded a grant from a county agency devoted to funding public arts That coupled with the micropatronage program I ran has allowed me to complete my new CD with almost no money out of my own pocket. Now I have boxes of CDs which are PAID FOR. I don't need to sell even one to recoup. This has given me an amazing feeling of freedom as to how to get the CDs into people's hands. I can sell them, give them away, throw them like frisbees...whatever!

Patronage, as Vijay says, has been around since the arts began. I see no reason why we should fear it.

I do hope there will be more organizations devoted to the funding of jazz, but until there are, there's still plenty of organizations willing to give to jazz musicians under the larger umbrella of "the arts". Go find them. They are in your town too.


Hi Jason,

Now I have boxes of CDs which are PAID FOR.

That is a indeed an enviable situation, and it's awesome that you were able to make that happen!

Grants for recording purposes are actually extremely difficult to get -- we were very fortunate to receive the funding we did from the Copland Fund (and, of course, our generous supporters) but even so, this covers only a fraction of our total recording costs. Bigband is mad spendy.

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