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07 September 2009


Randy Wong

Thanks for posting this. I agree, there's a definite dearth of tied rhythms. Also, I wish there was a rubric posted of what qualities define each level (the Level Difficulty page is a good start, but it's not clear to me there's both a level 2 and 2.5, and then not much difference between level 3 and 4).

Something else that would be cool would be a feature that shows identical patterns in related meters. For example, the initial auto-generated rhythm in 3/4 could also be shown in 3/2, 9/8, etc. Proportional relationships like that can be a tongue twister in sight-reading too.


Wish I had known about this while I was practicing sight reading all week for a VJO gig. This is pretty great and I'm sure with suggestions will only get better. Wish they had a percussion instrument instead of just pitched playalong.


i also feel like everything (in 4/4 at least) ends in a whole note fourth measure.

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