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13 October 2009



I noticed Siegel's stumble -- I believe he called you Darcy James Ague... Maybe there's something to it; ague is sort of steampunk American malaria:

"Ague, a malarial disease transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by intermittent fevers and chills, was a leading cause of chronic illness across America from the colonial period until 1900. While malaria is most often found in tropical and subtropical climates, American settlers were plagued by ague near wetlands, even in the temperate north. Because the disease originated in Europe and Africa, its effects on Native American populations were often devastating. By 1900, draining wetlands for agriculture and development led to a dramatic decline in malarial disease in all regions but the South; there, eradication required extensive public health campaigns during the first half of the twentieth century."
--US History Encyclopedia, via answers.com

Ryan Gruss

Hey Darcy,

I just heard about your blog (and your great big band) on NPR last night. Amazing stuff. I'll definitely try to catch a show next time I'm in NYC. Send my regards to Mark Small.

Ryan Gruss

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