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19 December 2009



Thanks so much for posting this!

D.J. Sweeney

This is great! Thank you so much.

Richard Kamins

Beautiful job, sir, a fine tribute to Mr. B. Thanks for including a track from "Make Me Smile" - I've got 2 copies of the Lp but no CD. At the time I purchased that, I had not heard any of BB's work with the Jones/Lewis Orchestra and the recording (one of my "dessert islands" disks) really shook up my thoughts of what a big band could do.

Alex W. Rodriguez

Been a big fan of Brookmeyer ever since my h.s. big band played "Willow Weep For Me" -- the song has been with me ever since. Great piece!

Paul Muller

I took up valve trombone because of Mr. Brookmeyer. Never was any good with it, but he was an inspiration.

Rey Carr

Thanks for the story about Bob Brookmeyer. The pieces you selected are among my favorites as well. I've placed a link to your story and relationship with him on our Famous Mentor Pairings page at http://www.mentors.ca/mp_music.html

Terence Smith

Check out B Brookmeyer playing 2-pianos give-and -take( on standards, with bass &drums) with Bill Evans on the old Lp now available on CD "The Ivory Hunters". This is a 1959 recording, and completely spontaneous. Will deepen your apprecviation of both Bob and Bill.

Alex George

Great post - thanks a million. I was fortunate enough to take Bob and his charming wife out to dinner when they came to Columbia, MO, earlier this year to premier some new music he had written for the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, which was stunning. In addition to all his fabulous music, he also writes the best liner notes I've ever read by a musician - witty and perceptive, and not a whiff of pretension.


Hi, just found your blog, great post! Thanks for your work.....


Great work here. I landed here because of Bob's Nasty Dance, with the Master Mel Lewis Orchestra. I was so amazed by this composition, that i had to find out some more about it. cheers

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