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17 April 2010


Rob Wilkerson

Glad you made it. I got cut from a charter flight today after a day at the airport yesterday (I really only double parts on this song). Best of luck and congrats again for the nom!
P.S. I really wanted a pic of you and Buble together. Guess it will have to wait.


Make sure you tell MB how much fun I have playing with your band.

cbj smith

It is VERY difficult to get info about the gala, especially the parts that aren't aired on TV on Sunday evening! I had to go to junoawards.ca to even get a list of winners from Saturday, as it seems that newspapers and Canadian TV are stunningly blank on the subject. I only found out in the Montreal Gazette that local Montreal vocalist Ranee Lee won in her category of Best Vocal Jazz Album, but very little otherwise. Come on, Canada, it's only your national heritage! Man, it isn't just a national inferiority complex; we actually DO believe we're not worth it!

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