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02 June 2010


Josh Sinton

"Of course, given Josh's previous post and recent blogosphere/Twittersphere comments about dissonance and chromaticism, the use of the White Note Piece as a learning tool suddenly feels rather controversial!"

Actually, that sounds like a really great assignment: see if you can write an atonal melody using only the white notes of the piano. Certainly would be a good workout for the ears.

btw, I think generating dissonance is a lot easier to do harmonically rather than melodically. So to a certain extent, diatonicism is besides the point.

Michael Bates

Thanks Darcy, for the chronicling of what was an inspiring week for me to both partake in and witness. You weren't kidding about the participant work ethic this year. I also wanted to mention the quality of the music that was being put together as well. Fantastic stuff. Thanks again to everyone for a great week. I'm sure the other two weeks were just as fun...

Johannes Luebbers

Thanks from me too Darcy, for taking the time to come up to Banff. I know that you, Michael, Dave and all the other faculty were a great inspiration to myself and the other participants!

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