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13 June 2010


Barry Leven

As someone who listens to Steve lacy and is both fascinated and uplifted by his music, I'm interested in you reference to the book "Bone" and the CD released in conjunction with it. Do you have any more information on the book: Its author, whether the CD was included in the book or sold separately, and more information on the CD like it's title and other included tracks.

Thanks for you endlessly interesting blog and for any additional information you may be able to provide on "Bone" and its accompanying CD.

Josh Sinton

Hi Barry,
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

"Bone" is a book and CD released under the auspices of a jazz club called Afkikker located in Gent, Belgium. If you google them, you can find a website written in what I believe is Dutch.

But I found my copy at this beautifully dangerous store called the Jazz Record Center located on West 26th St. in Manhattan. Again you can google them and find their website. A casual perusal didn't reveal any more copies of "Bone," but you could always call them or e-mail them to see if they have any copies.

I haven't heard of any plans to release the CD separately, but I'm not really an expert on the European CD business.

The book was good, but only something I'd recommend to a die-hard Lacyphile.

good luck!

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