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22 March 2011


Mark Weiss

hey thanks for letting us mere mortals be a fly on the wall for you guys' late nate wood shedding i mean late night but stet or whatever you call it. i am stlll a luddite in that i think overall computers and blogs do more harm than good but that's probably a generational thing but i do concur that the access to info is compelling. i think the internet is for this generation what the horse was to previous (i mean hard drugs). if it didn't exist maybe people would spend slightly more time sitting in pubs (with people like me on the outskirts of circles of people like you gabbing about mcneely, and strayhorn and dave douglas). i stumbled into this mess in part because in my own more crude and limited way i was blogging in honor of dave's recent march 24 birthday, so it all kinda fits???

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