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07 April 2011


Will Yager

Great post and thanks for hipping me to McNeely's music. I really enjoy these album hang reports!


Really enjoyed the post and hope the series of 'Listening with Friends' continues!

Dave Lisik

Yep. Skittish made me want to write large ensemble jazz music. One of the coolest things ever written.

Tom Erickson

This is great! This album is definitely responsible (almost single-handedly) for me becoming a large ensemble composer/arranger/bandleader. I have since studied with Jim and discovered the plethora of incredible music he has penned over the years, but "East Coast Blow Out" has long been my personal favorite. I didn't even know it was a big band album when I first listened. I just threw it in the CD player at a friends house and from the very first sound I was mesmerized. Thanks for posting this!

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